OS SPEED B2103 Type R


Κατηγορία: Κινητήρες 3.5cc
Κατασκευαστής: OS engines
Κωδικός: B2103 R


This 5-port long-stroke engine offers great power at medium-high speeds. It shares the same new features as the Type S engine except the cylinder and the cooling head which has a standard round shape. All the parts are interchangeable between the peed B2103 Type S and R. Both engines will be available from the end of January 2019.

Output [kW / (PS)]: 2,68 PS at 34000 rpm kW (PS)
All-up weight [g]: 347 g
rpm range, approx.: 4000-42000 U/min
Bore [mm]: 16,27 mm
Cylinder capacity [ccm]: 3,49 cm³
Stroke [mm]: 16,80 mm