Gens ace 5000mAh 11.1V 3S1P 60C Lipo Battery Pack with EC5 Plug-Bashing Series


Κατηγορία: Μπαταρίες
Κατασκευαστής: GensAce
Κωδικός: GEA50003S60E5


The bashing series is a basic level RC Car battery assortment of Gens ace. Suitable for start up hobbyist, daily practice and fun.
Gens ace lipo 5000mah 3S1P 60C battery Suited to the following models:1/8 ,1/10 RC car model. Fast charging by 5C is available.
Specs:- Product Type: lipo battery pack-Bashing Series
- Capacity: 5000mAh
- Voltage: 11.1V
- C rate: 60C 
- Weight: 337g
- Dimensions: 135*43*25mm
- Balance Plug: JST-XHR-4P
- Discharge Plug: EC5
- Charge Rate: 1-3C Recommended,
Usage:Gens ace lipo 5000mah 3S1P 60C battery packs is suited for 1:7 FELONY 6S BLX/LIMITLESS/MOJAVE 6S/Kraton Roller/MOJAVE ROLLER;1:8 TYPHON 6S/3S,KRATON 6S BLX/TALION 6S BLX/OUTCAST 6S BLX/NOTORIOUS 6S;1:10BIGROCK 4x4 3S BLX/OUTCAST/Kraton