EX-RR Radio with KR-415FHD Receiver


Κατασκευαστής: Kopropo
Βάρος: 500gr
Κωδικός: KO80576


KOPROPO has developed the EX-RR based on the technology of EX-1 and EX-2. The driver can therefore use the best performance.
The EX-RR uses the FHSS technology and can be operated with the same receivers as the EX-1 / EX-2. In addition, all the optional accessories of the EX-1 are compatible with the EX-RR. New receiver included in set
The new receiver KO21009 KR-415FHD is used with the EX-RR, it provides DUAL-Rx. 
Means that the receiver contains two receiving units with an internal and an external antenna.
This increases the reception reliability to a maximum.
The KR-415FHD offers HCS (High Speed Communication System) too, a new, fast data connection with HCS-capable servos. Compatible for the new Kyosho MHS Mini-Z system
In addition to the FHSS system, the EX-RR is also compatible with the new MHS Mini-Z system.
Thus the EX-RR can be used for normal RC Cars as well as the new Mini-Z models.
Note: Kyosho MHS information is available on the Kyosho website.
               This product can NOT be used with ASF Mini-Z.
               Mini-z is a registered trademark of Kyosho. Two way angle display
The LCD expansion unit capable of installation with 2 different directions in 90 degrees. Supports high-quality functions with ease of use
The new design of the menu is very clear. For each menu a symbol is displayed, so it is useful and easy to browse.
The new menu structure also simplifies the adjustment of the vehicle.
High-level functions have been modified to simplify operation.
New in the menu are the functions Calculator, Pushcontrol, Downtimer, a.m.o. as well as 40 available model memories.
The rollout is calculated by inputting the number of teeth of the pinion and the main gear, the internal ratio and the tire diameter.
Push control
This feature is very effective for the cornering behavior of F1, WorldGT and 1/12 onroad vehicles.
The value of the forward movement of the throttle lever in neutral position can be set. Expert handle 2 with newly developed throttle lever
The design, length and angle of movement have been improved and offer an even better, more direct driving feel.
The spring tension can be adjusted.
Thus, the throttle lever can be individually adjusted to the needs of the driver. Drop extension steering unit
A 2mm smaller, newly designed aluminum steering wheel offers with the newly developed foam an unprecedented steering feeling.
The force moment from the neutral position has been reduced and the spring tension is now linear and can be adjusted individually. Compact and lightweight design with a new look
The EX-RR is very compact and lightweight, master-unit and handle are partly in carbon fiber design.
Silver aluminum screws for further weight savings.
The new, short antenna design eliminates damage and is firmly connected to the system. K.I.Y Concept as same as EX-1
KO PROPO introduces Kustomize It Yourself (K.I.Y.) an interchangeable transmitter.
The concept of the new K.I.Y. brings simplicity to customizing and upgrading within a modular system. 
You can use the K.I.Y. to unlock your next system and bring more enjoyment to your hobby. Details of Set
Master Unit EX-RR
+ Drop extension Steering Unit
+ Aluminium Steering Wheel 3
+ Expert Grip 2 Right hand Unit
+ LCD Expansion Unit EXP-104S
+ KR-415FHD DUAL-Rx Specifications Transmitter
Dimensions: 230×163×107mm
Weight: 536g (w/o Batteries)
Current: 150mA
RO3/AAA/UM4 Batteries x 4
Operating time: 5 hours (may be different from battery of use)Channels: 4
40 Model memories Specifications ReceiverDimensions: 30×23×12,8mm
Weight: 8g 
Voltage: 4,8-7,4V
Channels: 4 Menu items

Model Select / Model Name / Model Copy / Model Reset / All Reset 
Display / Battery / Calculator / Sound / VR Information / Config / Key Speed / Menu Speed / Language / Operation time / User timer 
Steering Travel / Steering Balance / Steering Trim/Steering Sub Trim / Steering Trim rate / Steering Speed Turn(2way) / Steering Speed return (2way) / Steering Curve / Steering Punch / Steering Feel / Steering Response / Steering Auto Trim / Steering Auto Balance /Steering Reverse

Throttle travel F / Throttle travel B / Throttle Trim/Throttle Sub Trim / Throttle Trim rate / Throttle Speed Turn(3way) / Throttle Speed reTurn(3way) / Throttle Curve / Throttle Punch / Throttle Feel / Throttle Response / Push Control/ ACCEL / ABS / Auto Start / Idle Up / Neutral Brake / Throttle Override / Throttle Reverse <3ch/4ch>
KEY Setting / 2WAY / 3WAY / 5WAY / ANALOG / Gyro / Twin Servo / 4WS/AMP Mixing /Throttle Mixing / Trim Set 
Timer Start / Trigger Start / Lap history / Start Stop Key / Lap Key / Lap Navi / Alarm time / Pre Alarm / Alarm Mode / Timer Mode (Lap Timer/Down Timer) New, additional functions
#Individual response settings for the steering and throttle.( Feel setting menu)
#Display RF mode (FH-G/ FH-F /MzMHS G/MzMHS F)
#2 way setting point in the Steering Speed. (2WAY;TURN1/2?TURN POS RETURN1/2?RETURNPOS)
#3 way Setting point in the Throttle Speed. (3WAY; TURN L/M/H RETURN H/M/L?POS L>M/M>H)
#Balance L/R added in the Steering override.
#Add User timer. >CONFIG Menu
#40 model memory.