RC8 Wheels, yellow, 83 mm


Κατασκευαστής: Team Associated
Κωδικός: 89297


RC8 Wheels, yellow, 83 mm• 83mm maximum diameter wheels (the largest ROAR-legal wheels available). 
• 1.5 mm wider than standard. 
• Larger diameter and extra width gives a stiffer sidewall which is more stable for greater corner speed. 
• Larger diameter is better in bumps than standard wheels. 
• Lightest production RC8 wheel on the market. Only 33 grams per wheel! 
• Internal ring to support ribs and reduce risk of bent wheels. 
• Extra deep hex to prevent stripping. 
• Mounting surface is textured for a better glue bond with the tire bead. 
• No-bead lip for improved performance in bumps. 
• Pre-marked air vent locations lets you choose to vent the tire or the wheel. 
• Ultra flat face to prevent dirt and mud from clinging. 
• Race proven material improves handling in bumps and holds up in extreme conditions. 
• Compatible with all 1:8 buggies.