KoPropo RSx4 Power Alu 31.6kg/0.11sec @7.4V


Κατηγορία: Σέρβο & Χορν
Κατασκευαστής: Kopropo
Κωδικός: KO30145


The RSx4 Power is a high-quality and powerful servo designed for 1/8 and 1/10 cars. 
What distinguishes this servo are the numerous options that only became possible through the smallest optimizations. Compared to its predecessor, for example, the size of the servo has been reduced somewhat to enable easier installation in different car setups (e.g. from 41mm to 40.4mm). By increasing the toothing on the final gear, different servo horns can also be used (number of teeth and diameter of the toothing remain unchanged though). The longevity and performance of the RSx4 has been improved once again and thanks to the nitrated stainless steel gearbox, even a maximum torque of up to 31.6kg/cm (@7.4V) is no problem at all.

  • Especially for 1/8 On- and Off-Road as well as 1/8 GT 
  • Coreless motor 
  • Numerous optimizations for more installation options 
  • Includes H.C.S. and serial modes 
  • Frequency as an adjustable parameter 
  • Aluminum heatsink center case 
  • Ultra-fast communication for improved response time 
  • Compatible with the Serial Adapter and the Electrical Switch3 
  • Double ball bearing 
  • 5 pre-programmed profiles (adjustable with optional Servo Selector KO61032)
Technical Specifications:
Torque:0.13 sec/60°0.11 sec/60° 
26.3 kgcm31.6 kgcm 
Compatible Modi:Normal
Gear:Aluminium /stainless steel
Application:1/8 Off-Road / On-Road,
1/8 GT
1x Servo 
1x KO61032 Servo Selector
4x Grommet
1x Eyelet for Servo Case
1x Screw for Horn