AKA P1 1/8 Buggy Tires (Pre-Mounted)(Soft - Long Wear)(2)


Κατηγορία: AKA
Κατασκευαστής: AKA
Κωδικός: AKA14021XRW


AKA is proud to announce a new tire for 1:8 Buggy. The P1 is AKA's latest addition to the line up that slots in between the GridIron II and the Impact. The target for the tire was to achieve longer wear than the GridIron II while keeping a smaller pin to perform well in the dust. To achieve this the P1 was designed with a more dense tread pattern than the Grid II using a smaller pin with closer spacing. The result is a tire that has more forward bite and life span than the GridIron II. The outer row of lugs on the P1 has been designed to provide stability under high lateral loads and keep the sidewall from collapsing into the wheel. The profile of the carcass is the same as the World Champion Double Down which will keep the car flatter in the turns and keep the transitions left to right smooth.
Release Date: December/January staggered release by compound
1) Fits between the Grid II and Impact2) More rubber density than Grid II tread pattern equals better wear and forward traction3) Less side bite than Grid II equals a freer feel in the turns4) Reinforced sidewall lugs provides stability at high speed and high lateral loads